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Guaranteed Response Time

Our Guarantee:

95% of the time we respond to our client’s initial help request in 20 minutes or less, assuming the request arrives before 4:30pm M-F.  However, WE GUARANTEE a 1 hour response for all during-business-hours requests.

What does this mean for my business?

This means that within 1 hour of your help request, we will have seen you have a need and will have replied to you saying, “We are on this!”  This is not an automatic response.  This means our dispatch team has seen, read, and is currently determining priority and assigning team members to get you a resolution.

After I get a reply, how long until stuff is actually fixed?

This depends.  Some fixes can be performed immediately.  The initial reply and the fix may happen at the same time.  Some require planning and staging, like a large project request.

What happens if I have a request after business hours?

This depends on if you choose EMERGENCY or not.  If you submit a non-emergency request then we’ll see your request the next business day and get back to you then.  However, if this is a business emergency, then you have the option of breaking the glass on our team to get after-hours support.

We work hard to craft robust solutions and processes to keep emergencies from ever happening, but from time-to-time they just do.  We understand that when you need help, you need help!  Our team monitors for emergency requests in the evening and all weekend so you can get to us when you need us. Use our phone system to submit an after-hours emergency request.